Dee S. Knight

Somebody likes it hot.

I'm somebody!

Dee S. Knight has been writing steamy romances for more than a decade and loves bringing her guys and gals together for the sake of true love. Sometimes the path to happily ever after is rocky, but somehow Dee manages to make the lovers see that their happiness depends on being with each other.

Usually, Dee writes for one man and one woman. But to add a touch more spice and adventure, she took a side trip into menage. And not just menage, but two steps into the future for her featured books. In Triple S Bride, a woman tries escaping an abusive relationship by signing on as a bride in a far off galaxy. What she doesn’t realize is that she’s marrying not one man but three!

In Bride of the Pryde, an agent for the government is searching for the men who killed her team. In order to track him, she stows away and then enlists the men of the Eric’s Pryde. What she finds onboard is more than a helpful crew—she finds a lusty group more than willing to “help” her out!

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