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Hello, all! It's been quite a long time, but after a writing hiatus, I am back at it again. I hope that makes you as happy as it makes me!

Did you hear? Barnes and Noble.com made Resolutions its Deal of the Day for January 1, 2015!! It's January of another new year. If you believe in making New Year resolutions–or even if you don't–this is the best time I can think of to let yourself go and explore the resolutions of these four best friends as they recap their previous year. There's sex, and fun, and lots of love waiting between those eBook covers! Remember, anything can happen when you resolve to do the unthinkable!

Other good news is that Liquid Silver Books is re-offering a couple of my novellas that had previously been part of anthologies. My first is The Fireman and the Ice Queen, a story that had been part of the Hearts Afire anthology set as June. I have added new text and of course, there's a sexy new cover–which I love! Later they will re-release my contribution to The Zodiac Series: Taurus, Safe Sex. If you haven't read either of these, I know you will enjoy them!

Actually, over the past few years I have been writing, but under a different name and trying out different genre, like ménage and shape shifting. Check out Jenna Stewart's page to learn more.

As Dee, I am continuing to work on the Men & Women of the Military series, which I hope to bring you soon. At any rate, have you enjoyed viewing the new site and meeting some of the other Nomad Authors members? Let me know by sending me an email, and please visit again soon to see what is coming up!



Prior to writing her first fiction only a few years ago, Dee S. Knight lived a varied lifestyle. After college she married her high school sweetheart and they became house parents at a home for wards of the court. Thus, she went from newlywed to "mother" of a dozen teenage boys, in a month. Two years of living in one city proved to be enough, and she and her husband spent the next eight years as long-distance truckers. Swiftly following their trucking years, she became a computer consultant, high school and adult ed teacher, technical writer and novelist. More than thirty years later, she's still married to her own hero and finds life infinitely interesting. She currently resides in Idaho with Jack still by her side. Life is quite a trip!

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