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Bride of the Pryde


DAT agent Susan McAllister escapes Earth with killers in hot pursuit. She normally runs toward danger not away, and she likes controlling her own fate, not relying on three strange men and an irreverent cyberbot. Skilled and experienced, she doesn't believe there's any way the three crewmen of the cargo ship Erik's Pryde can help her.

Captain John Erik thinks the sexy, headstrong passenger is nothing but trouble, but he also knows she needs help. And not being men to shrink from adventure, he's convinced that he and his crew are the ones to provide it. When they're infected by an illegal drug that releases inhibitions, the crew of the Pryde shows they are men who not only can fight, but can satisfy a woman's every fantasy.

It's no surprise when Susan discovers that being a member of the Pryde's crew has unexpected, lasting benefits.

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Reviews for Bride of the Pryde

"…desires are fulfilled and emotions are awakened. When Ms. Knight constructs a story, I always believe in the characters and whatever situations they must face, never feeling as though I am reading something fictional. BRIDE OF THE PRYDE is an imaginative futuristic adventure overflowing with limitless fiery heat." – 4.5 Stars, Amelia, SensualReads

"The three guys are each different but sizziling and sexy and the sex is hot. By the end of the story I was satisfied and liked that I got to revisit Charlie from another Bride story. This is a good action/adventure/romance story and I would recommend it to anyone who likes this type of story." 5 Stars, Chris Weill, an Amazon review

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Excerpt for Bride of the Pryde

Thank God Erik stopped talking. If he expected her to form words and actually speak, he'd be greatly disappointed.

And thank God he kissed with all the same passion she had pent up. He opened his mouth and took her lips, changing the tilt of his head so that he left not even a milli-inch untouched. His hands roved her body before slipping under the waistband of her slacks and pushing them over her hips. She shoved them farther, never losing contact with his lips, until she could pump her legs and force them the rest of the way off. She stood naked, pressed against John Erik's body and she loved it.

Was that the Pheron, too? Did it not only release inhibitions but ensure you enjoyed letting your darkest fantasies fly? Just how dark her fantasies were had her throbbing with need.

A large, very firm erection prodded her abdomen. She wanted nothing more than to feel it inside her mouth, inside her body, pushing deep, making her experience the well of emotion she kept locked behind the vault door in her mind.

One of his hands gripped her butt cheek while the other skimmed her stomach, over her mons and straight to her pussy. He slid two fingers into her slick passage just as he pushed his tongue into her mouth. She drove her hips forward, sucking his tongue and riding his fingers as shockwaves shot through her. He prodded her ass with another finger. Susan moaned, wanting it all, her mouth, ass, pussy. Now. All at once.

But with only one man holding her, she'd be happy with what she could get. She hoped Erik had stamina.

Breaking the kiss, she dropped to her knees. Erik unfastened his uniform pants and she ripped them down his legs. The deep purple of his penis hugged his stomach. She tipped it down and into her mouth. Erik grabbed a handful of hair and pulled it back from her face Did he watch? She tilted her head back to see. His eyelids were hooded. His breath came harshly through his nose and he appeared entranced watching her suck his cock into her mouth and tug it out.

She licked the tip, lapping up the drop of cum that seeped from the slit at the apex. Then she ran her tongue along his length, following with her hand to spread the moisture. He groaned and braced himself on the wall with his free hand. When she took him in this time, he thrust himself to her throat. Her tongue teased the bottom of his shaft. She grasped his hips and went down on him with vigor, sucking in, scraping out, tonguing his slit, licking his crest. Eyes closed, she gave herself over to the rhythm.

Without warning he pulled out, panting hard, his legs trembling. "Not like this, not this time," he said harshly. She could barely focus, after so extreme a change. But focus wasn't needed when he took her arms and forced her to her feet. Both hands on her butt, he lifted her and placed her back to the wall.

Susan fit down over his cock as though her pussy had been bored to match his bolt. He took her mouth, thrusting his tongue into her mouth in time with his cock's thrust into her pussy. She hooked her legs over his hips and her arms across his shoulders, not with the need to hold on—Erik supported her handily—but with the desire to touch, to feel his corded muscles flex beneath her fingertips.

God how he filled her. With each slow drive he scraped her clit with the root of his shaft. The light hair covering his chest tantalized her sensitive nipples and his tongue took control of her mouth. Thoughts couldn't form and she didn’t care. She wanted to feel, only feel, without concern or holding back.

Erik pressed her to the wall with his hips, broke the kiss and dipped his head to take her nipple. His mouth—wet, hot, wonderful—sucked in her nipple. He licked and then bit down. Slight pain mixed with the heaven of having his mouth on her. He drove his hips forward, then rocked in tiny thrusts, stroking her clit. She burst into starlight, all heat, all shimmering rays of energy.

When she had enough presence of mind to realize that strong arms held her off the floor and that it was a good thing because she wasn't sure her bones hadn't turned to liquid, Erik's face nestled into the curve of her neck. He breathed hard but shallowly, as though trying to control himself.

She stretched, moving her hips and finding he was still half erect and still inside her. Purring like an Earth tiger, she said, "Are you finished?"

He gave a small shake of his head. "Just resting for a moment. You feel as soft as Saturn dust surrounding my dick."

"Your cock is as hard as Turzite diamonds."

He chuckled. "Not quite, but give me a few more minutes.

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