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The Triple S Bride

Menage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Sci-Fi Menage a Quatre Romance


I've always loved westerns and futuristics but thought the two genre would never meet. Naturally I jumped at the chance to give it a try! After many discussions with hubby over plates of pasta at our favorite restaurant, I devised a mix of The Good the Bad and the Ugly and Serenity. Sort of. I do hope you enjoy!

Taking little more than a corset, a wedding gown and a bar of rose-scented soap, Sabina Volt escapes Earth and the cruelty of her fiancé by running to C8282 and a marriage contract with a stranger. She doesn't know she's marrying three men, the Sheridan brothers, or that they will use any means necessary to protect her from whatever put the fear in her eyes.

Top Pick of the Month 5 Charries - Whipped Cream

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Reviews for The Triple S Bride

Dark Diva Top Pick!
"From the moment I picked up this book I couldn't put it down. … this is a book I would recommend to any sci-fi aficionado or western lover."; 5 Divas, Dakota, Dark Diva Reviews

"This novel is a wild erotic ride! It takes you to new worlds with all kinds of great characters. Sabina is a loveable, damaged woman. Her determination is matched only by her need for love. Walt is a sexy hard working rancher, with a huge loyal streak. He has always put the family's needs before his own, which just makes me want to see him happy. Both his brothers are sexy in different ways. Charlie is so sweet and innocent, while Dan is the constant flirt. Each will capture your heart in their own way! Dee Knight has created quite a place in the planet C8282. With it being somewhat like Earth, but all the differences are very imaginative. From the two suns to the scary creatures that roam at night, no detail was overlooked. I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone who likes a little sci-fi with their romance."
5 Hearts, Ammie, The Romance Studio

"The love scenes are scorching and I couldn't turn away. … I recommend this one for those who like a mix of suspense, science fiction and smoking hot cowboys (in space)."
5 Cherries, Holly, Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Reviews

"The men are deliciously hot and the sex just as sizzling during every compelling scene of THE TRIPLE S BRIDE. ... Dee S. Knight repeatedly creates original stories to capture your total imagination. THE TRIPLE S BRIDE … is a fascinating mixture of the American old west and futuristic possibilities, and their carefully innovative blending has every aspect flowing together with convincing believability. THE TRIPLE S BRIDE is a heartfelt romance where futuristic cowboys are passionately sexy and know when to turn up the heat." 5 Stars, Amelia, Sensual Reads

"Completely drool worthy! … I found that The Triple S Bride: Tasty Treats 10 is an exciting, intense and romantic sci-fi story full of interestingly kinky male characters with a high octane and exciting plot which will keep readers on the edge." - 4.5 Stars, Tallyn, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"I love the science fiction and the menage mix! Enjoyed every page and didn't put it down until I was done! I can't wait until the next one." - Tawny Thomas, a Reader

"Wow, Does Ms. Knight Throw Her Readers For A Loop With Her Different Writing Style!! The Triple S Bride Is A White Hot Read..." - Linda, a Reader

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Excerpt for The Triple S Bride

Her hand against the window, Sabina felt the effect of the cooler evening air through the glass. The planet's second sun hung low on the horizon on her side of the truck, while thin light from a small moon bathed Walt's side. She wished they had already reached the ranch. Maybe then she could breathe and believe in her escape. But more, she wished Walt would break his silence and talk. Even an interrogation into her past would be better than nothing. Sabina opened her mouth to ask for a strip of jerky when the truck slid sharply to the left.

"Fuck!" Walt's white-knuckled grip on the wheel matched the vehemence of his word.

It wasn't what she expected, but at least he finally voluntarily said something. "What's happened?"

"The right fan's out."

The problem didn't sound serious, but Walt's expression and his previous comment about being out after dark caused a tiny knot of concern to tighten in her chest.

The hover-truck landed hard, skidding to the left and spinning. When it stopped, Sabina stared out at scenery they already passed. "This can't be good."

"Smart girl," he muttered. He cut a look toward her before giving the darkening sky an appraising glance. "The truck has a fan in the back and two smaller ones on the sides. They propel the vehicle forward and to the left or right. If one of the side fans doesn't work, the truck slides instead of turning."

Okay. "I don't understand the difference," she said.

He sighed. "One way it works and the other way it doesn't."

That she could understand. "Can you fix it?"

"Don't know."

The sun dipped farther below the horizon. Weak moonlight did nothing to illuminate the area except for lending the brown, cracked land a faint silver hue.

Walt reached behind the seat again and pulled up a Taysaure 860. The weapon had a short barrel that extended beyond an action pump. The trigger rested under the pump, and the stock fit against the shoulder.

"Nice weapon," she said. "Isn't the stock longer than normal?"

Surprise showed in Walt's eyes. "What do you know about the Taysaure?"

"I taught high school." When that didn't seem to satisfy him, she added, "You haven't been to Earth in a while, have you?" He shook his head. "Then you don't know the extent things have changed. I have students who routinely bring guns to school. Competition is high for everything. Shootings are common."

Again he fixed her with his emerald gaze. "To answer your question, I had this gun fitted for me, and the stock is longer." He clenched his jaw and checked outside the windows. "I'm going to see if the problem is something easy. Stay inside the truck."

"I'd like to stretch my legs. I'll come with you."

His expression hardened. "Stay in the truck, I said. Don't get out for any reason, no matter what. Do you understand?"

They faced each other across the width of the tooled leather bench seat, Walt's sternness like a stone rendition of a man and Sabina feeling like Mt. Lucius, Earth's newest volcano, ready to erupt. Fatigue and hunger almost had her snapping back, "You gonna make me stay in the truck?" But before she could get it out, he nodded as though she agreed with his high-handed command. He exited the truck, Wrangler right behind him.

Sabina shook with the need to control something in her life. Kevin's demands and cruelty forced her to give up her independence and a job she loved to live on a godforsaken planet with a man she didn't know. Women lost all rights after marriage. Now it seemed Walt wasn't shy about assuming his place as her master even before they had sex and completed the contract issued by Intergalactic Brides.

"Ohh, that man." She crossed her arms and stared out into the growing darkness. Sounds came from the back of the vehicle.

Walt talked to Wrangler almost non-stop. "Guess he would have kept up a conversation if I were a dog," she groused, thinking of the last few hours when they hadn't exchanged a word.

Still, she shouldn't complain. Though he hadn't been Mr. Congeniality, he also hadn't been mean. When he smiled, he was ravishingly handsome, and—big thing, this—he had not turned her in, though surely he saw her face on the shuttle Comm screens. By all rights, she should be sitting in jail right now, waiting for her trip back to Earth.

A stream of light from a hand torch danced across the roadbed at the back of the truck. Moonlight bounced off the metallic fan shroud when Walt removed it. A thump told her he set it against the bumper. An automatic screw remover whirred at the back of the truck.

"This is silly, she said, reaching for the door handle just as a shrill scream rent the evening.

"Goddamn it!" Walt's voice rose over the shriek. Wrangler erupted into sharp barking. The torch went out. The tailgate slammed shut and the dog's noise became a frenzied howl from inside the confines of the truck bed.

Sabina heard the tkk-tkk-tkk of the Taysaure 860 and something hit the truck hard.

Then there was nothing.

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